A report from Statista has stated that the global market size of outsourcing services will reach about $ 90 billion by 2019. On top of that, a report from Clutch says 37% of total outsourcing services soft works in the IT field. Big companies like Google, Slack, and Skype have been effective in outsourcing for many years. But what do businesses choose to develop outsourcing software? The answer is Price. In this post, we will point out the main factors that affect app development cost and How Much Does App Development Cost?

1. Factors That Influence Outsource App Development Cost

Software development is a complex process. Therefore, there are many reasons that can affect the cost of developing the final application.

Therefore, here are 2 factors that affect outsource app development costs:

  • Complexity of features
  • Cost of developers

Features and Its Complexity

The complexity of features is one of the most important factors that affect outsource app development cost. The complexity and development depend on the features and complexity of the project. The more time developers spend on each feature, the greater the cost of app development.

To give you a clear view, we have the following example.

One factor that affects outsource app development cost is the flexibility of features

A factor that affects outsource app development cost is the flexibility of features

This is the home page of Netflix. On average, creating a simple start page for unregistered users takes about 15 hours. This is sufficient for an MVP (Minimal Viable Product) version of the product. But what if you want to do something more sophisticated to impress your users?

For example, you want to upgrade your homepage with personalized features, such as tracking the user’s IP address and showing popular movies in the user’s country. Then, the time spent on these extras turns into 50 hours, leading to an increase in the cost of outsourcing app development.

So when you are developing an application, you have to think about every detail. Even if you are unsure of the features or needs of the user, you can add some of them after the release. Instead, get some feedback from customers from the start and modify the product accordingly

Cost of Developers

The other factor that affects outsource app development cost is the cost of developers. How much does it cost to hire an app developer?

The development process is just not about programming. Various experts have put their hands on your product prior to release. As a result, talented developers in IT companies will add up to the total cost of developing external mobile applications.

Find out the experts involved and estimate the cost of app development

  • Business Analysts
  • UI/UX Designers
  • Developers
  • QA testing


Source: Agile

2. How Much Outsourcing App Development Cost?

Of course, everything depends. But remember that mobile app development doesn’t come cheap. Mobile applications can have many functions. Depending on their quantity, there can be multiple production and deployment phases, including testing. Application development requires a team of highly skilled people, so that’s part of the cost.

But for everyone who only understands the numbers, mobile apps development costs from $ 15,000 to $ 100,000. That means you can get a simple application developed for around $ 20,000 to $ 50,000. Meanwhile, a more complex and feature-rich app could cross the $ 100,000 mark with outsourcing.

To give some examples:

  • A simple application can cost from 5000 dollars to 10,000 dollars
  • The price of the social media application can go up to 100,000 dollars
  • And a ride-sharing app or other complex application can cost up to 1,000,000 dollars.

As you can see, the prices can vary but they are quite high. That’s why outsourcing mobile app development to countries abroad where digital agencies and development companies charge much lower fees is a great decision.

How much does app development cost?

How much does app development cost?

Here are the average costs for some popular app development:

  • A business application like Starbucks – 70,000 to 100,000 dollars
  • A photo-sharing social networking app like Instagram – $ 120,000 to $ 150,000
  • Online rental market like Airbnb – $ 140,000 to $ 200,000
  • A taxi booking app like Uber or Lyft – $ 100,000 to $ 140,000
  • An e-commerce marketplace application like Etsy – $ 200,000 to $ 250,000
  • A real estate mobile app like Realtors – $ 70,000 to $ 100,000

Project Price Examples

Outsourced application development costs can differ depending on the complexity and the number of features. Now, we will look at some project examples and find out why they cost that:

An app like Netflix integrated with streaming algorithms, beautiful design, and various payment methods like Paypal or Stripe will take about 3,038 hours of development. At a rate of $ 50 / hour, projects for both iOS and Android will cost $ 151,900. In case of cross-platform development, the time and price will be significantly lower. It will take approximately $ 83,545.

A basic e-commerce app with a catalog of goods, shopping cart, and the payment gateway will take about 2,500 hours of development. Development costs for both platforms will be $ 125,000. However, if you choose a cross-platform approach, the cost will be lower, at around $ 68,700.

An application like Uber has built-in GPS navigation, passengers can choose a flexible trip and some payment gateways will take about 2,294 hours. Outsourced application development costs will be around $ 114,700 for iOS and Android versions. If you choose a cross-platform approach, it could drop the price down to $ 63,000.

Project Price in Different Regions

Below is a table of app development outsourcing costs

Outsource app development cost: by Regions

Source: Cleveroad


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