Everything You Need To Know About Outsourcing Services In Vietnam

Today, with the rapid change of technology, business seems to be proceeding more smoothly than ever. This can create a strong boost in competition between domestic and foreign businesses.

If you are facing many difficulties and challenges and always wonder how to bring products to customers quickly and economically. How to succeed in business and stay on top in a competitive environment? How to develop a software project within a shoestring budget, but bring more profit? How to deal with the lack of software developers in the IT industry?

We are here to help you, don’t worry! The answer to these tough questions is “outsourcing services“.

In this article, Outsourcing Vietnam will present Everything you need to know about outsourcing services in Vietnam. Let’s explore it.

1. What Are Outsourcing Services?

Over the last ten years, the demand for outsourcing services has skyrocketed. As firms struggle with the fallout from recessions, layoffs, social and political instability, and climate change, corporate strategy has switched its focus to strategies to reduce costs without sacrificing productivity. Outsourcing has been shown to be a successful method of addressing both cost control and revenue generating problems in the corporate world.

Software outsourcing services are the activity of hiring skills and expertise from a third party to handle complex tasks related to software development.

According to a report for the IT outsourcing industry by Statista, it shows that the global outsourcing market reached 92.5 billion USD, an increase of 6.9 billion USD compared to the market size year before, showing how big the demand for outsourcing services is.

This growing demand is understandable due to the rapidly changing technology.  Furthermore, it can be a solution to gain a competitive advantage by reaching out to talent and working with global tech talents. Besides, business owners can get different IT functions to ensure the best results for their customers. Additionally, it can free them from the burden of money, time, and many other things that the in-house team can’t handle.

India and China are the most popular countries in the outsourcing industry. But now, for many reasons, Vietnam is becoming a perfect destination for outsourcing services.

2. Type Of Software Outsourcing Services


Nearshoring is a model of business owners who will hire a third party in a neighboring country. For example, the company is located in China and cooperates with Vietnam software outsourcing company. In this case, Vietnam will be the nearest outsourcing country to China.

Because closing in geography and time will help clear the gap of time zone, culture, and communication. Furthermore, customers can easily visit and meet the development team directly to address the issues relating to the development process.


Onshoring is a model of business owners who hire a local third party company. For example, a business in the United States hires a local company. Consequently, the United States will be a domestic outsourcing destination for US companies.

Having no language barrier can be an advantage of this type since both speak the same language. This can make outsourcing more efficient. However, customers may have to pay for higher costs compared to onshoring and nearshoring.


This is a model of business owners who will hire an outsourcing company from far away countries. For example, a company in the US cooperates with or hires an agent from another country such as Vietnam. At that time, Vietnam will be offshore software development destinations for US companies.

3. Why Should You Invest In Outsourcing services In Vietnam?

This service will help businesses stand out in the market, increase productivity and boost business results. Here are the top 8 reasons or 8 benefits that can provide clear insight into why outsourcing would be a good choice.

Quality of product

A reputable software outsourcing company, with solid experience and vast knowledge, will ensure the high quality of the product delivered in optimal time.


Cost-savings could be a fundamental reason for a company choosing software development outsourcing services. Depending on which countries or what kind of service that a business will take, outsourcing services can save around 25% – 35% on operation cost. Especially, according to a report was conducted by Innotec, software outsourcing Vietnam costs are 50% lower than India and China.

Fast delivery to the market

With the numbers of experience developers and their experience in providing the best solutions, the software development company can help their clients to launch products at a particular time, in order to catch up with the digital transformation and give you a chance to stay on top of the competitive environment.

Focusing and developing core business

By relegating most taks relating to technology, the company and its staff could spend more time staying focused on its business strategy. “The less workload, the better business outcomes.

Updating to the latest technology

By using software development services, you can have a chance to update to the new trends which assure the best business outcomes for your company.

Easy to follow up and manage the development team

In software outsourcing terms, you will have a plan to show all processes. This will help you to track the progress of your project.

Access to talent pools

Software outsourcing services will help you to work with the international team and solve the problems of human resources, notably in finding talented developers for software projects.

Gain professional service and fresh perspective

Software providers with their global experience and experienced consultants can provide you with ideas and perspectives from the technological and economic viewpoint which might give you a chance to gain a competitive advantage.

3. When Should You Outsource To Vietnam?

The answer may simply depend on business needs. However, the following 8 reasons will help a company know whether they need software outsourcing services or not.

  • You may have a low budget and time limit
  • You want to utilize the latest technology
  • You have limited local software developers
  • You are tired of hiring and maintaining the in-house team
  • You want your business to grow more in the long term
  • Your project is enormous and you can’t handle the workload
  • You are a startup and non-tech organization
  • You really want to focus on business strategy

4. Where To Find The Top Software Development Company?

India and China are famous as the leaders in the field of outsourcing. However, everything has changed. Vietnam has been becoming a rising star among Asian countries.

There are many reasons why Vietnam is the perfect destination and the right choice to invest in. You can refer to this article here: Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Outsource To Vietnam

This shows that Vietnam is becoming a great offshore software outsourcing destination for technology investment. In other words, Vietnam is becoming the tech center among Asian countries. Looking for the top software development companies in Vietnam? Check out: Top 10 Vietnam Outsourcing Companies


Hopefully, the article has given you the best overview of outsourcing services. If you are looking to develop your project and are looking for a leading software development company in Vietnam that can save you time, effort, grow your business more efficiently, and stand out from the crowd, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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