QA Outsourcing: Is It Right For You?

A method for lowering costs while improving the quality of regression testing

Nobody enjoys dealing with a subpar IT product. Nobody enjoys testing programs and discovering bugs in them (unless we’re talking about testers). As a result, employees who are forced to perform testing before the deployment of IT systems are frequently dissatisfied.

IT directors despise the fact that they are expected to reduce operating expenses while providing high-quality IT services. Furthermore, the IT landscape is growing increasingly complicated, necessitating more, not fewer, tests.

As a result, staff loyalty suffers, testing costs rise, and the quality of IT systems deteriorates.

We provide a solution in the shape of expert QA outsourcing, which can assist decrease operating costs by at least 30%. If a customer is willing to use one of our remote testing locations, the savings can reach 50%.

Through the use of professional approaches such as test automation or a matrix to calculate appropriate test coverage, quality assurance outsourcing can significantly improve software quality. The use of test automation decreases the time necessary to test a typical release by 30 percent to 50 percent, allowing enterprises to get software products into operation more quickly.

1. What Is Quality Assurance?

What Is Quality Assurance

It is an easy answer to the question of what is quality assurance. Quality Assurance in Software Testing is described as a technique used to ensure the quality of software products or services given by a company to its consumers. Quality assurance is concerned with enhancing the software development process and making it more efficient and effective by the quality standards established for software products. Quality assurance testing is also known as QA testing. SQA (software quality assurance) is a process that ensures that all software engineering processes, methodologies, activities, and work items are monitored and meet the set criteria. These defined standards could be one or a combination of ISO 9000, the CMMI model, ISO15504, and so on.

SQA encompasses all phases of software development, from requirements definition to coding and release. Its primary objective is to ensure quality.

2. QA Outsourcing: Is it right for you?


Many businesses start projects without a comprehensive quality assurance strategy in place. Following that, they attempt to assign testing roles to their developers. However, quality assurance necessitates a skill set that not all coders possess. A company that attempts to conduct outsourced quality assurance in this manner will fail. Many flaws that are present during testing are likely to be missed by developers who must check the integrity of their own work. Dedicated software QA outsourcing personnel, on the other hand, have the unique experience required to detect defects and address difficulties. Furthermore, they are a new and impartial set of eyes with no inherent prejudice against the task and no preconceived notions about how things should operate rather than how they do.

3. What Happens When You Outsource Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is all about producing the greatest product possible for your customers. Building a thorough QA & Testing team from the ground up, on the other hand, is not straightforward. Even businesses with an internal IT department would struggle with this because software developers cannot act as QA engineers.

However, when you outsource quality assurance, you don’t have to worry about any of these issues. Outsourcing QA also has a plethora of advantages. Here’s what happens when quality assurance is outsourced:


  • You will get access to the greatest QA engineers: Finding the correct QA & Testing talent for a project can be tough because the greatest QA engineers are dispersed throughout the world. Software testing businesses address this issue by building distributed teams of professional engineers who specialize in what you require and work when you require it.
  • You free up internal resources: QA is filled with highly complex and time-consuming duties that are practically never related to your company’s usual operations. When you outsource quality assurance, you give your in-house team more time to focus on your core business and add value where it is most effective.
  • You follow excellent practices: The best quality assurance procedures are continually evolving, particularly in the sector of cybersecurity. Keeping up with the current trends and testing procedures is not only difficult but also necessitates genuine attention and passion. Outsourcing QA allows you to recruit professionals that are passionate about the subject and will always implement the best and most up-to-date procedures for your project.
  • You reduce risks: If you aren’t an expert in the field, it’s easy to overlook things during the precise, creative, and exhaustive process of testing a software product. A great team of QA engineers will avoid downtime and leave no stone unturned to ensure that your software app is of the highest quality.
  • You save cash: Building and maintaining an in-house QA staff is costly. Furthermore, because the majority of their roles are just temporary or project-specific, finding qualified QA engineers who wish to fill that position would be extremely time-consuming and inefficient. Outsourcing QA services eliminate all of the costs associated with sourcing, hiring, and keeping Quality Assurance talent, allowing you to get back to work quickly while saving money.

4. Types Of QA And Software Testing Services Can Be Outsourced

4.1 Automation Testing


We create customized automated test scripts to thoroughly evaluate each stage of the software development cycle. Automated testing is excellent for developing better software in a short period of time while keeping a high level of regression testing.

4.2 Manual Testing

Manual testing services examine software programs from the standpoint of the end-user. This comprehensive service includes UI, Usability, Installation, User Acceptance, Error Handling, and Security testing.

4.3 API Testing

Our API Testing services are designed to ensure that your application programming interfaces fulfill all functionality, reliability, performance, and security objectives. This service lowers the expense of manual testing while allowing for easy integration of the GUI.

4.4 Web & Mobile QA

Investigate our adaptable Web and Mobile Quality Assurance Solutions designed to incorporate the best quality assurance process within your project development timeline. A top software quality assurance tester is always up to date on the newest developments in mobile and online quality indicators.

4.5 Security Testing


With our Security Testing services, you may identify possible threats, security holes, and many types of software vulnerabilities. To bring your product up to speed, we will use cutting-edge risk modeling scenarios and create a development roadmap.

4.6 Performance Testing

Focus on Performance Testing to improve the usability of your software product. We will go above and above to ensure that your app and servers run at peak performance, stability, and responsiveness.

4.7 QA Consulting & Analysis

With the assistance of our skilled Quality Assurance Consultants, you can quickly discover all of the roadblocks and talent gaps in your QA development process. We will lead you through the finest testing techniques, approaches, and technologies for your specific requirements.

5. Quality Assurance Process

The PDCA cycle, often known as the Deming cycle, is a specified cycle in quality assurance methods. This cycle’s phases are as follows:

  • Plan
  • Do
  • Check
  • Act


These procedures are repeated on a regular basis to guarantee that the organization’s processes are examined and improved. Let’s take a closer look at the quality assurance process phases listed above –

  • Plan – The organization should plan and create process-related objectives, as well as identify the processes required to deliver a high-quality final product.
  • Do – Process development and testing, as well as “do” adjustments to the processes
  • Check – Process monitoring, process modification, and determining whether or not the processes fulfill the predetermined objectives.
  • Act – A Quality Assurance tester should carry out actions that are required to improve processes.

To verify that the product is planned and deployed correctly, a business must utilize Quality Assurance. This aids in the reduction of difficulties and faults in the final output.

6. How To Choose The Best QA Outsourcing Company?


When choosing a QA outsourcing company, you should conduct extensive research and consider the following critical considerations.

6.1 Portfolio:

It is critical to review the organization’s portfolio in terms of its Vision, Mission, Objectives, Goals, and Current Clients. It should be a reputable organization in the quality assurance outsourcing world with a good fit in the industry.

To measure the company’s capabilities, the following three factors should be examined:

  • Skill Set/Area of Expertise: Having Testing done by an Amateur vs. an Experienced resource makes a significant difference in the total outcome. Thus, before deciding on a QA outsourcing company, learn about the services they offer, such as what types of testing they offer and what experience they have, as well as the organization’s age and track record of previous projects and clients. Furthermore, the most skilled QAs are typically ISTQB/CTAL/CTFL qualified, demonstrating their technical strength. As a result, you can determine whether the company’s testers have these certifications.
  • References: Make a concerted effort to verify the references provided by the seller. Check to see which QA outsourcing companies are making strides in the field. Examine market trends and reports.
  • Industry Knowledge: Determine whether the testers have prior experience serving the industry vertical in which you operate. Knowledge of business functions can help with testing and hence improve quality. For example, if you operate in the Healthcare area, you should pick a tester who has already worked on Healthcare projects. Similarly, it applies to other sectors such as finance, law, and academia.

6.2. Adaptability/Flexibility/Scaling Up And Down:

It is critical to understand whether the chosen organization will be able to meet the flexible needs, i.e. for some projects, more resources may be necessary, or a smaller number of personnel may be required, and they must be able to handle the needs accordingly.

As a result, they must be adaptable enough to scale up and down in response to project demands. Outsourced QA professionals should also be capable of dealing with changes in requirements, test plans, regression issues, and so forth. They should be able to perform well in ever-changing conditions.

They should also be adaptable enough to persuade your internal procedures and practices.

6.3 Infrastructure/Security:

Knowing more about the company’s infrastructure is undoubtedly one of the most crucial factors to consider. We deal with a lot of secure data in today’s society, and we do have access to secret information. As a result, understanding how the organization caters to security is critical.

Furthermore, certain testing necessitates a particular setup, such as devices, network circumstances, and so on, therefore it is prudent to double-check the method used to test devices as well as connection configuration before quality assurance outsourcing the work.

Many organizations send their dedicated employees to work in ODCs (Offshore Development Centers), where the team works exclusively on a single client project and is not allowed to interact with any other personnel. ODCs have cameras installed for surveillance purposes, and they also limit the use of mobile devices, storage devices, and other similar devices to avoid data loss.

Work With The Best QA Outsourcing Team


Do you want to work with the top quality assurance outsourcing team in the industry? One that employs a tried-and-true method to boost quality while lowering costs? That is QualityLogic in action. With no long-term contracts, no change fees, and a performance guarantee, you’ll be able to develop higher-quality software on a smaller budget, in less time, and with less risk. Do you need any more reasons?

  • Customized. You benefit from a customized approach to on-demand QA outsourced resources that improve your quality assurance process, allowing your teams to expedite their development cycle and produce better software.
  • You are in command. With our adaptable service approach, you retain ultimate control. With no modification fees, you can pause or accelerate the testing schedule and reduce or increase the number and types of resources required.
  • Solutions that are scalable You tell us how we can assist you, whether it’s by supplementing your in-house operations for a specific project, offering a dedicated team of QA outsourcing, or allowing you to test our services with a pilot project.
  • Experience. By utilizing our world-class test lab and a team of highly experienced quality assurance engineers and testers, you obtain a better path to higher-quality software.
  • On-site expertise. Because our team does all testing in the United States, you eliminate the time zone, language, and cultural problems associated with offshore testing.
  • Money saved. When you work with the most experienced staff in the industry, you prevent costly mistakes – and you’re only charged for the hours spent testing.


Companies have begun to seize this wonderful opportunity to provide quality assurance software to Vietnam at a reasonable cost and with exceptional quality. Vietnam is on its way to authoring a new chapter in the QA Outsourcing Team’s history. The world will be watching Vietnam’s new offshore development revolution. Vietnam, as a location for quality assurance software, will be an excellent choice for firms looking to grow technologically without investing a lot of money.

OutsourcingVN has over 9 years of experience in offering powerful and scalable software outsourcing services to help quality assurance software companies make their ideas a reality. You can find out more about our services by clicking here: QA outsourcing Service

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