Offshore outsourcing is becoming a trend for most companies in need of software development solutions. The outsourcing trend seems to be becoming a necessity in this day and age. We know what you want to look for when outsourcing software development in other countries are:

  • Lower cost,
  • Highly developed it market,
  • High quality educational infrastructure
  • Ability to communicate in the most common language (we are assuming English)

So, if you looking for top outsourcing countries for software development, let’s explore the article below

Top Outsourcing Countries For Software Development

India is one of the best countries for outsourcing software development

1. India – Top it outsourcing countries

India is probably the first country you think of when you hear the term “outsourcing”. This country is the second largest English-speaking country in the world, making it the ideal choice for European employers interested in outsourcing. Their education system also focuses heavily on math and generates up to 2.6 million STEM graduates in a year and more than 200,000 IT graduates a year.

According to research from Gild, Indian developers surpassed their American counterparts in math and logic assessments by 11%. However, they get significantly lower scores on tests in PHP and HTML, so if you are looking for web development, you may want to verify if the outsourcing you are about to work with has. good performance on the assigned job or not.

According to Kearney, nearly half of the top 500 global companies have already established partnerships with India, making the country the first destination for offshore outsourcing.

2. China – Best countries for outsourcing


China remains as one of the best outsourcing countries

China is one of the world’s largest economies, even surpassing the US for the first time in 2014. The Chinese government focuses on improving the information technology sector, facilitating the environment. good business school, helping domestic businesses to develop

Science and math are the main focus areas in schools and universities resulting in 5 million IT professionals entering the IT labor market each year. However, only 10 million of its 1.3 million graduates speak English, which poses a language barrier for many employers. And China is also known to have lax enforcement on Intellectual Property laws. Therefore, if you are considering China as your outsourcing software development destination, you can overcome this point by hiring a reputable company and building clear and transparent rules before you start signing contract.

3. Ukraina – Top IT outsourcing countries

Ukraine is becoming the hottest outsourcing destination in the Eastern Europe region. The country occupies 11th place in the list of the top offshore software development countries in the world. Ukraine ranks 8th among the best programmers according to the 2018 SkillValue Report. The average Ukrainian developer score is 91.26%.

According to statistical analysis from HackerRank, Ukrainian developers have an average score of 88.7% in all HackerRank challenges. Ukraine is also home to the largest number of C ++ developers globally. English is an uncommon language in the general population, but do not worry when more than 80% of their IT community speak English. Hence, the language barrier is not necessarily an issue here.

That’s why Ukraina is one of the best countries for outsourcing software development.

4. Philippines – Best IT outsourcing countries

The Philippine is ranked as the second-best countries for outsourcing software development
in the world by the Tholons Globalization Index. The Philippines is also one of the largest English-speaking countries in the world with more than 92% of English speakers.

However, the Philippines is suitable for simple outsourcing projects, you may want to consider China or Ukraine for more complex projects.

5. Thailand – Top outsourcing countries

One of the other talented countries in the field of outsourcing development is Thailand. According to a 2016 survey by A.T Kearney, Thailand holds the number 6 position among ASEAN countries with an efficient foreign labor market. It has excellent infrastructure with a strong system of universities and colleges to promote the workforce in charge of information technology each year. Improving the use of English as an important language also makes Thailand a heaven for foreign investors looking for software development outsourcing services such as mobile application development, design web, IT consulting, digital marketing, …

6. Vietnam – Top software outsourcing countries


Vietnam is becoming a vibrant country in the field of software outsourcing and technology development. Many large software companies such as IBM, Samsung, Intel, Microsoft and Nokia choose Vietnam as an ideal software outsourcing place to perform software outsourcing services. Most of the clients who have worked with the people of this country find that they are highly accessible and adaptable to upcoming software and technology developments.

Let’s see why Vietnam is ranked in the list of the top outsourcing countries for software development: What Makes Outsourcing Vietnam Amazingly?

if you are wondering what is the best software development outsourcing companies in Vietnam, check out Top 10 Vietnam Software Outsourcing Companies

7. Taiwan – Best countries for outsourcing

According to Hackerrank, Taiwan is ranked seventh among the top skilled developers in the world. The Taiwanese government has also invested heavily in its goal of becoming the “Silicon Valley of Asia” with improved STEM education and IT infrastructure.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that Taiwan is the best place to outsource it. According to the English Proficiency Index, Taiwan ranked 40 out of 80 non-English speaking countries. That said, language can become a big hurdle when you do outsourcing in Taiwan. Currently, this country is considering making English one of their official national languages to fix this problem.

8. Indonesia – Top software outsourcing countries

Software development was one of the key elements in the second presidency of Indonesian President J.Widodo. According to experts, software development is one of the key drivers to stimulate the country’s economy.

Recognizing the role of software development, President J.Widodo pledged to invest more in digital infrastructure, as well as improve the skills and skills of workers. , in order to best bring into play the potentials that software technology brings to this country. 

9. Singapore – Best outsourcing countries


Singapore is still one of the best IT outsourcing countries

As reported by Marketline, Singapore’s software market is compounding year on year. Here, the government always offers support policies and tax incentives for businesses established in Singapore. In particular, the growth in consumption coupled with the short product replacement cycle brings many opportunities for hardware retail, leading to the development of the market.

10. Japanese – Top outsourcing countries

The software industry in Japan is growing fast – is one of the leading countries in technology. But Japan currently lacks the labor force in this industry, so outsourcing is indispensable for businesses here.

China and India are the countries that provide outsourcing services to Japan. However, due to rising labor costs, Japanese businesses tend to move to low-cost countries that still meet quality needs such as Vietnam, the Philippines, Myanmar … 


There are many different factors to choose the best country and based on personal preference. Some of the factors to consider are the geographic location, language proficiency, cost, the political stability of each country, and the technical capabilities of the programmer.

Vietnam is considered as one of the ideal destinations for software outsourcing countries. You can refer to the article to find the reasons why you should outsource to Vietnam

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