Java is one of the most popular technologies required for small to large scale and enterprise-scale projects. Developers are already using Java to create mobile and web applications, database-driven games, and software. It is similar to C ++ and C #, allowing developers to easily switch between languages. According to Business Insider, Java is the 3rd most popular programming language out of the 10 most popular programming languages. As you can see that the strength of demand for Java and also indicates the continuous growth of potential for Java development. If you are planning to use the Java programming language for outsourcing software projects, in this article, Outsourcing Vietnam would like to present Why most businesses should outsource Java software development projects and How to choose the right Java development outsourcing partner in Vietnam. Let’s check out now.

1. Benefits Of Java For Your Software Development Outsourcing Project

As we mentioned above, since Java is a popular and long-standing programming language, it is very easy for companies to hire skilled Java developers for their projects. Java is a high-level language with a simple syntax and a smooth learning curve. Because the Java programming language is similar to C ++ and C # and that makes it easy for developers to effectively study and switch between them.

And below are some of the benefits of Java for your software development outsourcing project:

Benefits Of Java
  • Platform-Independent

One of the most important benefits of Java is the capability to run on various systems. It only needs to write the program once and it can be run on different platforms. Hence, thanks to its independent platform, it makes Java a popular programming language and stands out from its competitors.

  • Java is an Object-Oriented programming language

Therefore, it allows developers to write and reuse other modular code and programs that can make the process more efficient. Also, technically, Java is also more user-friendly than C ++ or C.

  • Java is secure and robust

Java programming language involves bug detection and code management among other features which help reduce risks and data loss. Also, Java can detect errors in the coding. Besides, security is a part of the design, especially Java compiler, interpreter, and runtime environment were all developed with security in mind.

With all this in mind, Java becomes a perfect choice for software development outsourcing projects because the upgrade process is cost-effective and more efficient than other programming languages.

2. Why Outsourcing Java Software Development?

Why Outsourcing Java Software Development

Although Java offers many great benefits for software development, you need a team of experienced Java developers to take full advantage of its benefits. For non-IT companies or do not have enough internal Java development capabilities or startups, outsourcing is the solution to address those challenges.

Furthermore, Java development outsourcing also provides enormous benefits like lower development costs, and access to large talent IT developers quickly. And a dedicated team of Java experts can provide new skills and knowledge to your in-house team.

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In addition, with Java development outsourcing, your team will have the ability to focus on the core competencies and delegate the development tasks to the offshore team. And in the case you already have an in-house team working on Java projects, Java development outsourcing is also a great way to extend the development capacity, bring the product to market faster.

3. Comparison Of The Price Between Outsourcing And In-house Java Developers

Let’s take a look at some statistics about the payroll of Java developers in America in 2020 and other countries all around the world.

The average salary for a Java developer in 2020 is $ 104,321 per year in the US.

And the salary is different in different states:

  • New York, NY — $117,830
  • Atlanta, GA — $109,169
  • Dallas, TX — $105,325
  • Washington, DC — $102,690
  • Chicago, IL — $101,966

And below are some statistics about how much does it cost to outsource Java development in 2020 in some of the best countries in the world:

  • Ukraine, Europe — $48,000
  • India, Asia — $45,600
  • China, Asia — $39,000
  • Poland, Europe — $52,000
  • Philippines, Asia — $37,000
  • Vietnam, Asia— $17.500

As you can see, the price for outsourcing is at least 50% lower than the price for an in-house employee.

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4. How To Choose The Right Java Development Outsourcing Partner In Vietnam?

In recent years, Vietnam has emerged as one of the ideal destinations for software outsourcing for many businesses worldwide, where including Java development outsourcing. The country has come far away in terms of technology and now hosts large companies such as IBM, Samsung, Microsoft, Intel and etc.

Besides, with a young population and a workforce of highly qualified, good at English and IT programming, Vietnamese software companies are playing an important role as the key IT service provider in the APAC region as well as globally.

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Outsourcing To Vietnam

So, what is one of the most important things when choosing the right Java development outsourcing partner in Vietnam? The answer is the Java developers you hire are well-equipped with specific industry knowledge and have worked on projects which are similar to your projects. In particular, they must have a track record of Java development projects that have been successfully distributed in the past.

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In order to provide quality Java development outsourcing services, Direct interviews (via video conference call) are often needed to find out if a Java developer is a good fit for your project. Your goal is to identify the developer’s knowledge and expertise, development methods, experience, and other soft skills.


The services of Java development outsourcing projects are relevant both for new companies that seek to minimize their costs without losing the quality of services.

And, no matter you are a corporate or a startup looking for outsourcing Java development projects, let’s share your project with us. Ask us anything if you have any questions about software development outsourcing in general and Java development outsourcing in particular.

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