Why Startups Should Outsource App Development?

In the late 1990s, nearly all global startups and venture capital investments belonged to American companies. However, the startup ecosystem has seen remarkable change and growth around the world in recent years. Today, US companies account for just over half of venture capital investments worldwide. From China, Vietnam, India to Canada, England, and France all participated in the startup race.

Smartphones are the key game-changer here, opening opportunities for startup enthusiasts by providing them with a business platform at competitive prices. Rich mobile technology combined with mobile application development has opened up many new opportunities for startups.

For startups, outsource app development is the best solution to be able to enter the market in the shortest possible time and spend a lower budget. In this article, we will present Why Startups Should Outsource App Development. Let’s check out now.

Why Startups Should Outsource App Development?

1. Outsourcing App Development Reach Out To Top Talents

Outsourcing app development means you have access to great talent from around the world. You choose your team based on skill and professionalism.

Percentage of application developers worldwide.

According to GraffersID, Asia has the largest number of application developers in the world, accounting for 32.9%.


Source: GraffersID

Driven by the rapidly increasing demand for application development services, the country’s application economy is expected to grow at an exponential rate.

How to find the perfect team for your project?

  • Browse the company’s portfolio
  • Check out the reviews
  • Seeking customer feedback
  • Try out the products that the company has delivered.

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2. Get Much More Than Product Development

Why is outsourcing so effective for startups? Because by partnering with an outsourcing company, you get more than just software application development.


Software Development Life Cycle

Source: arkbauer

The leading application development companies in Vietnam provide you with a complete package of software development outsourcing services. You can easily outsource any phases of the Software Development Life Cycle, including planning, analysis, design, implementation, testing and integration, and maintenance.

So don’t worry, even if you only have one product idea in mind. Outsourcing agencies will work with you from the very first phase of the project. You can choose a company that can assist you in building product prototypes and doing market research. Besides, you can ask for project planning to cost estimation, wire-framing, UX and UI design and software app development.

3. The Right Balance Between Skills And Rates

With outsourcing, you can choose developers with maximum skills that fit the business budget. Outsourcing software geography is also quite wide, from China, India to Eastern European countries.

However, Vietnam is well-known as one of the top outsourcing countries recently. Vietnam possesses many favorable factors in economic, political, and national defense, which are good for outsourcing. Besides, the country has a pre-existing mix of people with skills and the business environment it offers. A thriving technical education is also one of the reasons that make Vietnam an ideal location for outsourcing. One thing that cannot be ignored when outsourcing in Vietnam is cost. Outsourcing costs in Vietnam are 50% cheaper than other countries such as India or China.

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4. Get Complete Team On-board

What makes a great app development team?

Setting up your development team can also be a bit tricky for your budget.

To have a successful product, you not only ask the developers, you also need it:

  • Business analyst to determine the requirements of the project function
  • UI / UX designers for wireframe creation, user flow design, UI modeling, and more.
  • QA engineer to test products
  • Copywriter for creating product documentation and other user interface documents.

Alternatively, you might require some highly specialized skills if the app development idea requires advanced technologies like AI or virtual reality. Finding such a team can be time-consuming and difficult.

However, outsourcing companies in Vietnam have a complete team or can look for freelancers to fill specific specialized positions.

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5. Easy Scalability


When developing a project, the scope of the project may expand or narrow. With internal development, it becomes difficult to increase or decrease the size of the initially selected team.

If you are looking for expanding your project, quickly finding another team with required challenges becomes difficult if you only need the skills for one project. If they have to reduce the team, they must fire people or continue to pay their salary at the current salary. Either way, the solution is not optimal.

But when you outsource app development, you don’t need to worry about all of this as the agency usually has enough staff to meet the project needs and if any special skills are required to warrant the project, they will contact a part-time member.

6. Smooth Communication

Communication can be your biggest concern when outsourcing app development. Once a team is used to working together, all problems big and small are solved quickly and effectively.

Also, in a well-established, a project manager can quickly find replacements in case of sickness or other emergencies.

7. Minimum Risk


Of course, you worry there will be risks associated with assigning the project to a new team. Despite the company’s good and positive testimonials, there is still the possibility of delays, misinformation, and features developed differently from what you’d expect.

However, with app development outsourcing, such risk opportunities are minimal. When outsourced, you have the flexibility to build contracts for a project. You can make an agreement that outlines quality, deadlines, rates and acceptance criteria. If you are satisfied with the quality of the product as well as the job completion performance, you can continue to sign the contract. If the opposite is true, you can fully cancel and claim the contract.

So, Agencies or Freelancers?

Let’s find out which outsourcing structure is better for your startup project? Both approaches have their own pros and cons, and the most obvious being the cost.

  • For small businesses or start-ups, hiring Freelancers is the best solution because it is more cost-effective than hiring an Agency. Naturally, you need to learn about the practical capabilities of Freelancers and have a specific commitment to work.
  • On the other hand, if you are a business, a big brand needs to find a professional application development unit, then hiring an agency is a more suitable place even though the cost is higher than hiring Freelancers.


Hopefully, the article Why Startups Should Outsource App Development? is useful for you.

Should I outsource app development? If you need a seasoned app development team, outsourcing app development will greatly reduce your overall costs. Choosing the right company for the talented team of professionals will help meet your business needs and goals while it can be challenging, but we recommend giving it a try. Outsourcing app development in Vietnam will be beneficial to you if you are looking to develop lower mobile apps without losing the excellent quality of the product. Check out How to outsource mobile app development effectively.

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