Why Help Desk Outsourcing Services Can Support Your Business?

Is your organization thinking of outsourcing IT help desk? This may sound intimidating, but IT helpdesk outsourcing has been one of the viable IT support sourcing options for almost two decades. Outsourcing IT is a big item, and the helpdesk is a small but essential part. Along with cost reduction, it also provides a quick route to manage portability. Help desk outsourcing services will free up time for your IT staff and thus allows them to focus on strategic operations and revenue-generating ideas. In case your business is a small business, the need for IT is just the activities that ensure the service and support of the business and the budget is not enough, you should outsource. So, in this article, Outsourcing Vietnam will present the reasons why Help desk outsourcing services can support your business? Let’s find out.

1. What is help desk outsourcing?

What is outsourcing and How does it work? Help desk outsourcing is the practice of hiring an outside company or a third party based in another country or continent to provide technical support on its behalf. If a company’s technical support staff lacks the required IT skills or if the number of heads is scarce, it makes sense to outsource the help desk functionality.

2. Benefits of outsourced help desk

Available Support Increases

Help desk outsourcing services means you can talk to one person and not have to leave a message for someone to get back to you 24/7.

With an outsourced IT helpdesk, not only will your employees respond quickly when problems arise, but your IT department will also become more flexible.

When anything goes wrong, your staff will be able to pick up the phone and immediately contact a customer service specialist (run by a service provider run by you). This eliminates waiting times, especially when the IT department is flooded with customer requests or they have more pressing issues to focus on.

Lower Costs

Help desk outsourcing services will help reduce costs. It is less expensive to outsource the helpdesk functions than it would be to hire internal staff to do it. Besides lower costs, companies can also avoid problems like limited space and comply with specific government regulations. Additionally, this keeps your employees productive as there is always a team on hand to help them, and IT staff won’t waste time on their priorities.

Refocus On The Core Mission

It’s not uncommon for entire departments or companies to lose focus on the business because technology problems arise. When your IT department needs to deal with helpdesk issues, it loses focus on its core mission in the company. As you outsource IT help desk service, you will see that your IT department can now refocus on business priorities.

Industry Expertise For All Your Employees

We all know that it can be difficult to assemble an IT department with staff representing many industry expertise, especially if you have the minimum human resources. Although most IT professionals have a general knowledge of IT services, they may find it difficult to quickly resolve problems encountered for different IT services.

IT help desk service providers outsource a large, diverse team of staff representing many different areas of expertise in the IT field. This means that without expanding in-house IT, you have access to some of the smartest minds in the industry, able to solve employee problems in a timely fashion.

The IT outsourcing services provider will have experience operating with many different customers and companies. Their IT engineers have the knowledge and flexibility to deal with a wide range of business engineering problems. Therefore, using the service can help you to have a rich IT knowledge resource.

By outsourcing Help Desk, your employees will have fast and flexible access to IT support when they need it. At the same time, your IT department can maintain focus on core responsibilities including installing, maintaining, and improving network infrastructure for your customers. And it’s just some many issues that could occur any day of the year.

Having said that, IT Help desk outsourcing services can be seen a win-win strategy for your business and your staff, both in and out IT department.

3. What is the cost of the help desk outsourcing services?

To answer this question, it’s based on distinct methods of pricing:

Per-incident pricing

Per-incident pricing is a paid model based on specific requirements, number of incidents, expected talk time, overall support hours, etc. All of the above factors help in determining the cost per incident when outsourcing help desk services.

Fixed fee pricing and in some scenarios a mixture of both. 

Fixed monthly pricing is often used in conjunction with a dedicated desk model. The computation is very clear for this business model approach, based primarily on the number of service desk resources committed to a particular customer. However, sometimes, it may happen that a customer is paying for resources that are not used fully at times, especially if volumes are changed considerably in different seasons. Besides, it can also be more complicated if the scale increases or decreases rapidly.

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If there is one thing to remember about outsourced IT help desk services, it is that productivity improvements will be made. Your office workers won’t have to wait for internal IT staff to solve problems, and IT staff won’t be bogged down with everyday user problems. Your employees will be more productive and your IT department can focus on long-term priorities. Finally, you can see that outsourcing your help desk services to a trusted outsourcing partner is an important decision.

If you want to know a better understanding of how help desk outsourcing services can support your business, don’t hesitate to contact OutsourcingVn for more information.

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