How To Effectively Outsource Software Development Teams In Vietnam?

It’s hard for some businesses, especially for IT startups to minimize costs, improve customer service and maximize efficiency In particular, can these goals be achieved with limited budgets? The solution to this problem is to outsource software development. Nearly 30% of companies outsource IT services and 78% are satisfied. We all know that product quality is closely related to the talent pool and is not an exception for overseas development teams. Outsourcing software development can be of great benefit to your business, but there are also significant risks and challenges when negotiating and managing outsourced relationships. In this article, Outsourcing Vietnam will introduce to you useful advice on How to effectively outsource software development teams, especially in Vietnam. Let’s check out now. Click here if you haven’t known What is outsourcing and How does it work yet.

1. Outsourcing Software Development To Vietnam

Outsourcing Software Development To Vietnam

In recent years, along with giant software development powers such as China and India, Vietnam has emerged as a promising location for outsourcing software development. Thanks to its abundant human resources, a young workforce, and high-quality technical education. In addition, Vietnam also becomes attractive to foreign companies, businesses, and technology startup founders because of its affordable and reliable outsourcing costs.

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2. How To Effectively Outsource Software Development Teams In Vietnam?

Build a list of potential candidates

Build a list of potential candidates

To make sure you find the best matches, make a list of the most potential candidates, then begin the process of checking them out. Depending on the quality of the project and its complexity, consider some of the advice we give below:

  • Find at least 5 outsourcing software development companies. Those should be reputable companies online. You can look at the reviews of partners who have worked with them. Alternatively, you can consult a list of friends who are also active in the IT industry, and in this way you can get a referral from a trusted source.
  • The price that each company offers.
  • Solutions to your problems
  • An initial assessment of each company based on the information you gathered.

As you organize this information, you have a more intuitive view of each company and make your choice easier.

Check the company’s reputation

Check the company’s reputation

It is important to know as much as you can about each company before proceeding. Thanks to the advancement of technology and the Internet, it is quite easy to find reviews of the quality of services and products by an outsource company before starting a partnership with them.

Search for neutral sites and chat forums involving programmers from different regions of the country and more. Also, look for information on the review blogs and portals. But remember, a bad rating can’t say anything when the competition between companies intensifies. You may come across one or more bad reviews written by your competitors to sabotage their competition. Also, not all customers are satisfied, so some negative reviews are left on these platforms.

Ask to see the products they’ve developed in the past

Many companies tend to overstate their performance in order to attract large firms. Your approach is to examine the real achievements, the projects they have worked on in the past. If you are considering hiring an outsourcing company for software development purposes, it is important to visit some of the websites they have developed to see their work firsthand.

Their products reflect their level, skills, thinking and imagination, … test speed, robustness, user experience, functionality integration, … Are pages easy to navigate, and more importantly, are they optimized for mobile devices?

However, one thing that cannot be ignored here is that they are sometimes limited creatively by the requirements of their customers. If you see a project that doesn’t impress or the website has strange images or fonts, the client may have asked. Therefore, to test their ability, you can try from 5 to 10 websites to get the most comprehensive view of their web development level.

Meet with agency representatives in person

Communication is the key to success. If your project is quite complex and requires a lot of resources to complete, you should meet with your company manager or CEO. Take the time to exchange and share all your ideas and ask all the questions you are wondering. If you find that the people you are talking to don’t have a clear understanding of your needs or the technology involved in the process, you might want to switch entirely to another agency instead of taking the risk.

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3. Why you should choose OutsourcingVN to build an outsourcing software development team?

Are you looking for outsourcing software development companies in Vietnam? Outsourcing Vietnam from Netbase JSC is proud to become your trusted partner in Vietnam.

Outsourcing Vietnam employs the brightest candidates who are experienced in providing high-quality software development services. This is a brilliant name among the list of prominent names in the software industry in general specializing in providing solutions to software development and digital projects while helping thousands of partners working in the IT industry.

Besides, we use a rigorous review process to ensure that our candidates are eligible to work on the development project. In particular, we have many mid and senior developers who have a lot of experience to help ensure the project’s likelihood of success. In addition, it is possible to expand or contract the outsourcing team of software development to ensure the project continues to be successful within budget. Visit here for more information.

Don’t hesitate to share your project with us now. We are ready to work with you.

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