How can I hire dedicated PHP developers in Vietnam?

According to the usage statistics of PHP for websites, PHP is used by 79.2% of all websites with the server-side programming language. PHP has a lot of strengths. As an open-source language program, PHP is very flexible in its use and allows for rapid custom development. Most of the PHP developers in Vietnam are skilled in PHP Version 5. and the latest version is 7. They have a lot of knowledge about frameworks like Laravel, CodeIgniter and Zend. Vietnam PHP developers will also have experience in Java-script, HTML and CSS. They almost certainly have experience with SQL databases. They also have knowledge of CMS (including Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal) and e-commerce platforms (including Magento and WooCommerce). So, if you are wondering How can I hire dedicated PHP developers in Vietnam? Check out this article now.

1. What types of developers you can hire in Vietnam?

1. Front-end developer

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A front-end web developer is a specialist in UI development. They have expertise in Java-script, HTML5, CSS, CMS and WordPress and frontend developers with Angular or ReactJS knowledge.

2. Backend Developers

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A back-end web developer is in charge of the server-side web application logic and integrates the work that front-end web developers do. They often write web services and APIs used by front-end developers and mobile app developers. Popular backend developers are PHP developer, C developer, NodeJS developer, Java developer, .NET developer, Python developer, and Ruby developer.

3. Mobile Developers

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A mobile developer is a specialist in mobile technology. They are responsible for creating applications for Google’s Android, Apple’s iOS, Microsoft’s Windows Mobile platforms.

4. Full Stack Developers

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A full-stack developer can handle both back-end and front-end software development in terms of Javascript, PHP, NodeJS, C# Net, etc.

2. How much do I have to pay if I hire dedicated PHP developers in Vietnam?

Yes, maybe you are wondering How much do you have to pay if you hire dedicated PHP developers in Vietnam. Salaries for a dedicated PHP developer in Vietnam vary considerably based on experience. You can consider the salary bracket here:

  • Junior developer’s gross monthly salary will rarely exceed $ 800. (with 2 to 3 years of experience)
  • Mid-level developer’s gross monthly salary will rarely exceed $ 800 – $ 1,500. (with 3 to 7 years of experience)
  • Senior developer’s gross monthly salary will rarely exceed $ 1,300 – $ 2,500. (more than 7 years)
  • The gross monthly salary range for a UI/UX designer will exceed $600 – $ 2,000.

However, the salary expectation can be variable based on the attractiveness of the project or company, the career opportunities and the working location. Besides, all of the employees in Vietnam are required to pay taxes, health insurance, social insurance and trade union fees and unemployment insurance. All these payments amount to about 15% to 35% of an employee’s base salary.

In addition, they also often expect the other benefits to consider joining your company. For example:

  • A bonus on the Lunar New Year is at least equal to one month’s salary. This bonus is different from the performance bonus.
  • Annual company trip, domestic or overseas.
  • Annual company dinner or party.
  • Private health insurance.
  • Career opportunities
  • Flexible working hours.
  • High-end office facilities.

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3. How can I hire dedicated PHP developers in Vietnam?

There is a large number of PHP developers in Vietnam. However, OutsourcingVn is the platform that helps you hire dedicated PHP developers in Vietnam, as well as other skilled positions and roles. Our mission is to connect enterprises and talented developers to each other. We understand the Vietnam market immensely and are actively connecting people and jobs every day. We understand that finding the right person for you will take time, instead of wasting that precious time, let us help you.

Below are 4 easy steps you can follow to hire dedicated PHP developers at OutsourcingVN:

1. Contact us and discuss more your detailed project requirements

2. Select candidates for the screening process

3. Take interview of selected candidates

4. Start onboarding project.

Interview Questions for hiring PHP Developers

Besides the technical coding questions, below are some of the interview questions for PHP developers.

  1. Let me know about yourself and your programming experience.
  2. How are you kept up to date with the latest changes to web and software development?
  3. Let me know something about your favorite project up until now.
  4. Do you find any difficulty with programming?
  5. How do you test your code?
  6. What is your preferred development environment?
  7. Have you ever worked directly with a client?
  8. Have you ever led a team?
  9. What is your strongest ‘soft’ skill?
  10. Why did you leave your previous role and what do you expect from this role?

Interview Questions Asked by PHP developers in Vietnam

Answer a few questions before the candidate agrees to be hired by your company. Consider your answers to questions from a PHP developer, such as:

  • Tell me more about the company and the project.
  • What is my responsibility?
  • Who do I report to?
  • What tools and technologies does the team use?
  • Is this group an Agile group?
  • Who else on the team?
  • Where is your office located?
  • What about salaries and benefits?
  • How about career path? Is there any training?

Ready to get started?

Are you looking to hire dedicated PHP developers with 3 years or more of average experience to build an interactive, secure, and scalable PHP web application to help startups, businesses, and businessman in competitive market?

OutsourcingVn’s PHP developers are adept at delivering scalable, dynamic and custom solutions. Please contact us for more information.

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