How To Hire Web Developers in Vietnam

What is special about “Hire Web Developers in Vietnam?” Why do many big companies choose to outsource to Vietnam and hire dedicated Vietnam developers? Vietnam has a rapidly-growing technology community that attracted a wave of foreign investors, including venture capital funds and co-working space providers. The country’s heavy investment in technology and engineering, combined with improved internet connectivity and a young, low-cost workforce, has hatched a prospering IT outsourcing industry.

According to Vietnam’s Ministry of Science and Technology, the country is now home to roughly 30.000 IT companies, while churn out 80.000 IT graduates a year from its universities. Another interesting fact to add, there is top tech talent behind Vietnam’s economic growth, and it increases the demand for programmers.

If you’re trying to save yourself time searching for hiring web developers in Vietnam, then you have an excellent decision, this tutorial will help you How To Hire Web Developers in Vietnam.

1. Why You Should Hire Web Developers In Vietnam?

Many foreign companies are promoting web development for Vietnam by building their own technical team or through the help of recruitment partners, this is considered for many reasons.

hire web developers in Vietnam is an excellent decision

First, Vietnam has a rapidly growing tech community that has attracted an influx of foreign investors, including venture capital funds and co-working space providers. The country is currently home to about 30,000 IT companies, while every year 80,000 IT graduates from its universities.

But often, it’s a strategic decision so businesses can tap into a low-cost workforce for IT outsourcing and manufacturing. The salary of Vietnamese developers is 40-60% of the salary earned in Singapore or Hong Kong.

Even when compared to other popular offshore countries like Indonesia or Malaysia, Vietnam is still considered as one of the most competitive options, often with a lower cost ratio of 5%-25%.

2. What Kind Of Web Developer Do I Need?

Front-End Developers

hire web developers – most front-end developers that you usually find on online marketplaces

Front end developers work with JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and other technologies to do three fundamental things for your project:

  • Implement what the designer has come up with
  • Work on any design functionality your website will have
  • Work on any client-side functions that your website requires

An example of design functionality would be if your website requires a menu that opens once it’s clicked or any eCommerce functions, for instance.

The client-side functions are a bit more complicated for a non-technical person, but it depends on how modern websites are built.

It’s very common for modern websites to load all at once and then allow the user to cycle between available views or pages without reloading anything. This is called client-side rendering, the most common client-side functionality.

In other words, when a visitor lands on a website, the server passes all the code of that website to the browser. The browser then handles everything with every click the user makes. The front-end developer needs to set all this up and implement it, pointing each page or view of the app to the correct UI code snippet.

Chances are a project will require a front-end developer. The good news for the average web project is that most front-end developers that you usually find on online marketplaces will also be able to put together a simple design using any CSS framework.

Back-End Developers

You will need to hire a web developers back-end if your project requires storing any information

You will need to hire a back-end developer if your project requires storing any information. For example, consider a situation where a user is likely to sign up. The back-end developer would design the functionality to enter the submitted information into the database, then display it in any other relevant pages, or apply some kind of processing to it.

If your site allows users to submit any type of information and then see it displayed elsewhere on the site, you will need a back-end developer to build this functionality. This information can be anything from forms submitted, buttons clicked, or specific pages visited.

A Facebook “like” is information sent to Facebook by a user, which is then displayed elsewhere on the site – the back-end developer itself created this information.

There are many different languages ​​that a back-end developer will use, such as Python, PHP, Ruby on Rails, and many more. A back-end developer will usually specialize in one or two languages.

Sub-developers also often use pre-made code snippets to speed up development and reduce costs.

Full-Stack Developer

A full-stack developer can develop both front-end and back-end code to create a fully functional website. These developers are quite rare, but a lot of developers in the online marketplace use the term to increase their visibility.

In fact, it’s usually people who know a framework or two for back-end code and also know a CSS framework for front-end. Technically, these are full-stack developers and they should be able to do a simple project.

But when it comes to the full scope of a complex website, very few people know the full range of technology required: setting up and maintaining servers, databases, back-end programming, data processing, and finally front-end -end of development.

3. How To Hire Web Developers In Vietnam

3.1 Freelancer Web Developers

Hire web developers freelancers can most commonly be found in creative industries, but it’s possible to be a freelancer in most lines of work

A freelancer is a self-employed person who doesn’t work for only one company or business, but multiple. Freelance contracts are usually quite short, meaning freelancers will work on projects for various clients all at the same time to bring in a stable income. Freelancers can most commonly be found in creative industries, but it’s possible to be a freelancer in most lines of work.

It’s no underground secret that hiring freelancers can be tricky. After all, there are so many variables involved: Will they be a good match for your business? Will their skills be up-to-scratch? Will your business even be able to attract the right talent?

There are 4 factors you need to pay attention to when hiring hire web developers freelancers:


When hiring a freelancer, it’s important that they understand the space in which your business operates. Let’s say you run an airline company and you have the task of hiring outsourced engineers. You have 100 freelance engineers applying for this position. Great – check out all these options! But it turns out that only 5 of them specialize in aerospace engineering while the rest are generalists. Are they engineers? Sure. Are they suitable for the job? Not much. This is one of the reasons why it is important to be as specific as possible when creating a post for a freelancer. Unfortunately, a specialist will be much more expensive than a generalist. That’s just the way it works.

However, if your business is in a non-specific niche, then you can steer clear of using a freelancer, who tends to be more general. The nice thing about this is that it also allows you to save a bit of money.

Once you know you’ve found someone who fits the bill, you’ll need to make sure they’re capable of doing high-quality work.


Competition in business has reached an all-time high. In order for your business to retain a competitive edge, the freelancer(s) you hire must be excellent at what they do.

To gauge the quality a potential freelancer can bring, consider asking the following questions:

  • What companies and brands have hired them before?
  • Do they have positive reviews from previous employers?
  • Do they have a portfolio to show you or do you just listen to them at face value when they tell you they can deliver?
  • If they don’t have previous work samples, do they at least have an equivalent educational credential?

If the freelancer can’t get the job done yet, it’s time to start thinking about money.


Not only do you need to consider what your budget is when hiring a web developer freelancer, but you also need to know how and when you will pay them. Depending on your reasons for outsourcing the work, you have several different options here:

  • Hourly payment

Simple and straightforward, hourly payments are common among freelancers. However, you need to be careful – sometimes projects can take longer than you anticipated, resulting in bills far beyond your budget.

Have you ever looked at your phone bill and felt a stomach ache? Well, the same feeling can happen when viewing an invoice from a freelancer.

When agreeing to hire a freelancer by the hour, it’s important to make sure you estimate both the hourly rate and the number of hours it will take to complete the project.

  • Payment per project

If you require a one-time project, this option will probably suit you best. For example, redesign your business logo – you complete it once and then you’re good to go. Just explain to your freelancer exactly what you need, agree on a price and you’re done!

  • Payment based on commission

This is an interesting option when you are outsourcing your responsibilities to freelancers. For example, some direct response copywriters may work on a commission-based structure where they are given a percentage of each sale for which they are responsible.

Some business owners trying to preserve cash will benefit from this type of arrangement because you only pay the freelancer when you get paid!

  • Contract: A contract stipulates that you must pay a freelancer X amount for Y amount of service rendered, over Z amount of time.

Contracts are flexible and can be tailored to create maximum value for both parties involved. For example, performance incentives and bonuses can often be added to a contract, giving freelancers the incentive to do their best work. In this case, the business also has the potential to earn more money.


Another factor that will help you decide who to hire is the ability to work continuously. If you know you’ll need ongoing support, it’s best to build a relationship with a freelancer.

Before making a final hiring decision, ask freelancers if they would consider working continuously with your business.

3.2 Full-time And Part-time Web Developers

Hire web developers to build e team is very important for your business

Build a team

Be careful about spending your entire developer budget on one very qualified person. If you want a development team that will take your business forward, you’ll need a team of people with different experiences who can work together to make it happen.

If you just give all the power to one or two people and then hire more people with much less experience, you run the risk that if one of those people leaves, you’ll be left with another. Big hole in his team. You need balance and a sense of equality in the development team you create.

Rent for wealth, not for longevity

When you hire a talented web developer, they usually don’t stay in one place for too long. The best thing you can do for your business is hiring the best developers for the projects you have on hand and understand that they can leave the company at any time.

The developers you want for your business are the developers who want a job where they will grow as engineers and learn new skills they can use to develop software best for your company. Then do it again somewhere else.

Find the right fit for your company culture

While you may want to hire the best-looking developers on paper, they may not be the best developers for your company. Just like any other role you hire in your business, you want someone who can be part of a team, work well with other departments, and not let their ego get in the way of successful completion. their job.

Use your company size as an asset

Most experienced developers know what it’s like to work for large companies that have a lot of bureaucracy and need to make any changes. Being a small to medium-sized company is a big advantage when it comes to hiring the best developers.

As a smaller company, developers will be able to make a difference in the company that they can see, and that will last longer than the big tech companies. Being a smaller company also means that the role of a developer will be larger than that of a giant company where they will be one of many.

Sell them for projects

When a developer is looking for a new job, they are often looking for a new challenge. They wanted another project that would allow them to build on their skills and perform different tasks.

When you’re looking to hire web developers, be sure to articulate what projects they’ll be working on and how this will benefit them along the way. Explain how this project will help not only the company but also the community it serves.

3.3 Corporate With An Outsourcing Software Company In Vietnam

Corporating with the Top Vietnam Software Outsourcing Company is one of the best ways to hire web developers. There are hundreds and thousands of IT outsourcing companies around the world. How to choose among these companies is always a challenging question. Business owners/entrepreneurs can’t simply say ‘I like this’ – they even have the right to do so. Randomly picking an outsourcing supplier is easy. However, to ensure that they can deliver the best quality products or the best results is another story.

Define clear goals/goals

It’s an important step because you can’t go anywhere if you don’t know where you’re going. Before contacting the software development company, the business owner should define the goal/goal that they want to achieve in terms of business.

For example: building a new/better management system for the business, adding new ideas to a software product to drive business profits, integrating IT/technology to improve service quality, or optimizing business process nation.

The evaluation will help the business owner decide whether to outsource or not. Also, this can help them know exactly what they want to outsource. Remember that a clear vision can give you a clear direction.

Make a list of potential companies

After deciding on outsourcing types and models, now is the time to look for potential partners. Shortlist at least 5 to 7 potential development outsourcing companies. There are many ways to do this.

Ask for referrals or referrals from friends or partners if they cooperate with the outsourcing company. This is a safe channel because friends and partners already have experience working with those software development companies. Therefore, they will know which companies to cooperate with and the level of expertise, expertise, and experience of these companies.

Check out social media tools, especially LinkedIn and Twitter. These social media channels will show who they are and their culture. Of course, these channels can’t provide 100% of what the business wants. However, this should at least provide some ideas and options for sorting.

Reaching B2B companies may be another option. Some of the companies that have listed the best outsourcing development companies like Clutch, Upwork, Good Firm can be a place to choose. Shortlist can be based on categories like software development services, custom software development, BPO outsourcing, outsourcing services. While this is a great resource to learn from, business owners should choose carefully.

If you need corporate with a trusted Vietnam Software Outsourcing company, find Outsourcing Vietnam

4. Top 3 Crucial Factors When Hiring Web Developer In Vietnam

Pre-screening Process

Thanks to online recruitment platforms like Vietnam work or IT Viet, businesses can easily find 30 or 40 potential candidate profiles that match their requirements. However, it can take forever to interview all of them.

The average length of the interview process is around 25.4 days in Singapore, with IT positions typically taking up twice that time. So you want to make sure that every interview is worth the time and effort.

In addition, Vietnamese programmers’ resumes often don’t present their skills well, often missing important details that could be important to the position. For example, an experienced full-stack developer tends to focus on listing his technical skills but not his ability to lead a small tech team independently.

For the above reasons, having an effective screening process is key to hiring web developers in Vietnam.

Web Developer Salary and Benefit Expectations

Good web developers are always in high demand no matter where they come from. The employer’s goal should be to pay at a competitive market rate so that your offer remains attractive but does not exceed your budget.

From our findings, web developers in Vietnam expect a varied salary depending on their experience and role.

Proactive Approach To Potential Candidate

According to Topdev’s report, only 15% of Vietnamese programmers are actively looking for work, but 62.9% of them are interested in new job opportunities.

This means that web developer profiles from online recruitment platforms are just the tip of the iceberg. The majority of tech talent are passive candidates, so you won’t find them on job boards.

Fortunately, a proactive approach through social channels or phone calls works very well for this type of candidate. It also allows you to get a better impression of candidates when they respond. In fact, our recruiting experts prefer this approach to reaching out to potential candidates and building a trusting relationship with them for future job offers.

It is worth mentioning that this approach works more effectively in Vietnamese although web developers can also use English. Therefore, we recommend using a local employer to deal with the job or at least be able to speak their mother tongue.

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5. Web Development Budget – What To Expect?

Hourly-Pay-vs-Fixed Fee
Hourly Pay vs Fixed Fee – The first question is will you hire web developers

Hourly Pay vs Fixed Fee

The first question is will you pay your web developer by the hour or a flat fee. Both have pros and cons. Which is right depends on your project and who you are working with. Here’s one way to decide:

  • Small project (up to a week) + experienced web developer: HOURLY PAY
  • Small project + inexperienced developer: FIXED PRICE
  • Large project (several weeks or months): FIXED PRICE

The argument is simple:

Experienced developers are faster and make fewer mistakes. As a result, they will have fewer back-and-forth requests, which saves time. For that reason, hourly wages are often cheaper.

Inexperienced workers may need more modifications and corrections. It means more work hours, so you’re better off agreeing on a flat fee from the start.

Large projects have even more potential bugs, faulty estimates, design changes, revisions, and fixes. If paid hourly, this can create a lot of overhead. For that reason, you’re better off letting the developer estimate the overall effort (including potential tweaks) and agree on a fixed price.

It also means that you need to be thorough in your project proposal and communication. The more precisely you define the scope of the project, the less likely it is to need extra work.

Rough Estimates for Pricing

What does it mean in numbers? How much should you expect?

With that said, it depends on a lot of factors, especially the location of the person you are working with. To give you an idea, here are a few points of reference for the hourly and project rates you can expect:

  • Graphic designer: $25 – $120/h
  • Front-end developer: $15 – $150+/h
  • Back-end developer: $35 – $150+/h
  • Full-stack developer: $75 – $150+/h
  • Entire website
  • WordPress: $3,000 – $15,000
  • Joomla: $1,500 – $7,000
  • Website builder: $600 – $2,500
  • E-commerce: $3,000 – $20,000+
  • Fixing plugin or code issues: $40 – $600
  • Custom plugins and features: $100 – $1,000

6. How To Evaluate The Quality Of A Web Developer In Vietnam


Technical requirements

Furthermore above, we talked about the skills that different types of developers need. The first thing you need to do is make sure that your candidate ticks these boxes.

Response time

Being accessible to your freelancer is important. If you need to change something about a project, you don’t want to wait a few days to get a response from them. Write back and forth a few times and see how long it takes them to get back to you before you hire a web developer.

Communication skills

Also, check their overall communication. Do they speak clearly? Answer all your questions? Are they like the people you want to work with? You’ll be talking to them a lot, so make sure the experience is productive and pleasant.

Previous projects

Ask and check your web developers’ past work. That way, you better understand their experience, strengths, and weaknesses. This is also possible on their own website as a screenshot or even a code snippet.

Customer rating

Many of the job portals mentioned above provide customer feedback. Don’t just look at the overall ratings but also read the reviews from customers before you hire a web developer. This is a great way to learn more about a person’s work ethic, deadlines, and other characteristics.


Experienced developers make fewer mistakes, have shorter turnaround times but higher costs. It costs less for beginners but can take longer and create more problems. Deciding what works best for you is up to you and often depends on the time frame of the project.

Paid tests

Once you’ve narrowed down your list to just a handful of candidates, you should ask them to complete a paid test. Give them a small task to complete and see how it goes. Pay attention to both their work and communication throughout. It’s a good predictor of future behavior.

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