Hire PHP Developers in Vietnam

Are you looking to hire PHP developers with high experience? OutsourcingVn is one of the strongest platforms that will help you hire PHP developers for web application development or set up your own PHP development team.  As a software outsourcing company with more than 12 years of experience headquartered in Vietnam, we offer dedicated PHP developers for your website development.

OutsourcingVn provides MySQL, Pgsql PHP developers working on a monthly contract basis to clients around the globe like US, UK, Australia, Canada, Netherlands, Denmark & Norway … All our PHP developers all have more than 3 years of experience in the respective fields. We can provide you with our developer profiles if needed.

Our qualified PHP developers are having experience in Laravel, Symfony2, Magento, WordPress, AngularJS, CodeIgniter, Zend, Phalcon, NodeJS, ReactJS, MongoDB, AJAX, jQuery. Besides, they also support ongoing projects.

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1. Why PHP

Save time

As an open source scripting language, PHP has access to various libraries and extensions. Besides, by modifying the source code, it is possible to create more custom made extensions and components.


Designed specifically for working with websites, PHP has a number of built-in features that allow developers to create websites much faster.

Security and stability

PHP provides several levels of security and helps prevent attacks. In addition, PHP is very stable and errors can be fixed quickly.

2. Benefits of Hire PHP developers in Vietnam

Dedicated person working just for you: You will have a dedicated person working just for you. Thus; it is like hiring your own employee, saving a lot.

Trustworthiness: At OutsourcingVN, we aim at client satisfaction, as we believe in quality work & service.

Third-party selling rights: You possess the right to resell the codes.

Source Code: All the rights of the source code will be owned by you.

Benefit from specialization: Based on your requirements, you can hire PHP developers that is most ideal for your requirements.

Flexibility in pricing: You can hire PHP developers on an hourly, part-time or full-time basis.

Expertise: We recruit our PHP developer from the most reputed engineering colleges and PHP developer market across Vietnam.

Pre-Screened Programmers Only: You do not have to go through the tedious selection process of interviewing and browsing through a mountain of resumes. We will offer relevant profiles based on your requirements.

Intellectual Property and Privacy: Ownership of source files and intellectual property belongs exclusively to you. We also sign non-disclosure agreements to protect your privacy.

Choose from the experts: Our team consists of the right mix of expertise and skills. So now, you can choose from our large pool best of the breed professionals.

No start-up or maintenance costs or taxes: You can avail of our offshore project development service simply by paying an unbelievably low monthly fee. NO hidden costs.

24 hours support: We work in both shifts. So now you can have the flexibility to get your work done in your business hours no matter where you are located.

Stay connected: You can stay connected with the team 24×6 and get regular updates from the developer. You can contact us by email and instant messengers. Holidays (Paid): Saturday, Sunday, and Vietnam National/Regional Holidays.

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3. Our PHP solution

Custom PHP Web App Development

OutsourcingVN’s PHP developers work with the latest PHP versions of 7.1.x and combine backward compatibility. Our PHP developers are specialists in database layer development with Mysql, SQL Server, Pgsql for building rich 2-tier and 3-tier web applications.

PHP Integration & Upgradation

OutsourcingVN’s PHP developers can upgrade your existing website or application with PHP. They also have a lot of experience with internal, private, and public APIs for incorporating third-party services.

Enterprise Web Apps

OutsourcingVN’s PHP developers deliver high-performance responsive, powerful, designed, and scalable web applications that give your customers the best experience when they visit your website.

PHP Web Maintenance & Support

OutsourcingVN’s PHP developers delivery portal development solutions for SMEs and large-sized companies. At the same time, we provide web support and maintenance which are fast, user-friendly, and responsive using PHP frameworks.

PHP based CMS Development

OutsourcingVN’s PHP developers provide customers with the best content management system by leveraging PHP-based CMS development services. We can build CMS technologies based on WordPress, Joomla, Typo3, Drupal, etc.

Ecommerce Website Development

OutsourcingVn’s PHP developers help in building creative and dynamic eCommerce web applications with the best user experience.

PHP based Product Development

OutsourcingVN’s PHP developers help develop custom PHP products for industries small to large.

4. Frequently Asked Questions about hiring PHP developers at OutsourcingVN

What kind of software applications can be created by PHP developers?

Our dedicated PHP developers can build web apps, websites, enterprise web portals, CRMs, CMS, eCommerce platforms, and many more using this language.

Are you committed to my non-disclosure agreement?

Yes, we do. We are committed to keeping all project information confidential.

How experienced are the PHP developers at OutsourcingVN?

Our PHP developers have at least 3 years of experience working on PHP technology and have built several PHP app development projects for customers until now.

Would I have completely and totally control over the PHP project if I hire PHP developers from you?

Yes, do have. We will give you full control over the project development cycle as well as monthly reports

How much does it cost if I hire PHP developers from you?

It depends on your project as well as the developer’s experience. Please contact us for more information.

How much does it cost for consulting?

OutsourcingVN provides a FREE consultation so we can understand client needs. This is to make sure we deliver the right web solutions according to customer’s needs.

If I am not satisfied with the dedicated PHP developer’s performance, will you replace?

If you have any problems, please contact us so we can discuss more. Of course, we will have a look instantly and will provide solutions to meet the expectations of the developer’s experience and expertise.

5. OutsourcingVN is ready to hire PHP developers to work for you

OutsourcingVN is ready to hire PHP developers for you. Let’s share your project with us so we can deliver the best and the most suitable PHP developers for you. Contact us in the section below.

Thank you and best regards.