Where To Hire Front End Developers?

According to Mehul Patel, there were over 23 million software engineers in 2018, with that figure predicted to rise to 27.7 million by 2023. As a result, if you need to hire front end developers, there are a plethora of web developers to pick from. But how do you know which candidate is the best fit for your company?

Front end development is critical in deciding the path your product will take. As a result, businesses should exercise extreme caution when hiring front end engineers. Finding a trustworthy front developer is a difficult task. Furthermore, once you’ve found an outstanding front end developer, it’s difficult to keep them. Thus, in order to assist you in creating high-quality UI through assertive front end development, we will provide insights on how to recruit full-time front end developers for your project in 2021.

1. What Is A Front End Developer?


In a nutshell, a front-end developer is a member of your development team who will use web technologies to architect and construct your website or application (i.e., HTML, CSS, DOM, and JavaScript).

A front end web developer is responsible for the design, content, and functionality of web pages and applications that run in a browser. It’s usually what the user interacts with directly, and it’s usually accompanied by a lot of visuals.

The front-end developer is an essential element of any web development team because he prioritizes the user experience. Let’s take a closer look at the different types of roles, as well as their abilities and duties.

2. What Does A Front End Developer Do?


Because of the importance of front-end development in the software development process, knowing what to anticipate from the front-end developers you employ is an important aspect of learning how to hire front end developer. To create web pages, front-end developers frequently use CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Front-end developers are similar to traditional designers in that they have a strong sense of style and must stay up with current trends.

Designing a web page, on the other hand, is far less cosmetic or fashionable in nature. It does, however, necessitate a grasp of what draws people to your website and keeps them there.

Front-end developers can work with animations and technologies to make websites more dynamic, in addition to design. Front-end developers must implement all interactions via code, from clicking a button to scrolling down a web page.

Other inventive technologies a front-end developer may employ to make the web page even more engaging include games, videos, forums, and social networking. The goal is to convert leads, which means encouraging visitors to use the service or product you’re offering. The average website visitor will spend little more than eight seconds perusing your site. To compete with that attention span, the only option is to provide a better-than-average web page, encouraging your visitors to break the mold and stay longer.

If you’re still unsure how to hire a front-end developer, contact OutsourcingVN to get a qualified front-end web developer. We hope this post will help you understand what does a front end developer do and what is front end developer jobs.

3. Why Should You Hire Front End Developers In Vietnam?

3.1 Gain Access To A Massive, Young, And Dynamic Population!

Vietnam’s development over the last 30 years has been nothing short of extraordinary, with significant demographic and socioeconomic upheaval. Its population reached 96.5 million in 2019, a remarkable growth from around 60 million in 1986, when Vietnam initially began its economic reform by enacting the Doi Moi Policy (expanded upon later in this article). This 96.5 million population is predicted to grow to more than 120 million by 2050, while the current life expectancy of 76 years is the highest in the region among countries with similar income levels. Furthermore, Vietnam’s population is young and vigorous, with a median age of only 30 and 70% of the population under the age of 35. This implies that the country’s 96.5 million people represent a sizable market, with a tech-savvy and digitally active younger population fueling Vietnam’s fascinating innovation ecosystem. With Vietnam as a country of potential and prosperity, this young and dynamic population is on the move, fast adjusting and embracing shifting trends as more people migrate to metropolitan regions for work and business opportunities.

3.2  Good Countries For Web Development Outsourcing

Despite the fact that Vietnam provides a wide range of educational possibilities, a significant portion of IT education in Vietnam is concentrated on extracurricular junior and advanced training courses. Some businesses provide free education in exchange for future work chances. Every year, an increasing number of IT specialists graduate from universities and private colleges.

Vietnam’s software and IT companies tend to follow global trends and concentrate on science-based technology breakthroughs, with a strong interest in Big Data and AI, mobile development, and blockchain and cryptocurrency initiatives. Another unique feature of the location is the predominance of Senior developers over Middle and junior front end developer. Outsourcing businesses can assist the success of projects for prominent fintech organizations due to the level of experience of the specialists. Vietnam is also regarded as one of the finest countries for web development outsourcing. Front-end development, as well as Java and PHP programming, are well-established areas with a slew of successful web products.

Here are Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Outsource To Vietnam

4. Skills To Look In A Front-End Developer In 2021

Skills To Look In A Front-End Developer

Businesses all throughout the world are attempting to recover from the global epidemic that will occur in 2020. As a result, in 2021, before employing a front end developer, you should carefully assess front end developer skills. The following are some of the most crucial qualities to look for in a front end developer.

4.1 Efficiency In Writing A Front End Code

A good front end developer should be fluent in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Furthermore, they should always strive to keep the code clean so that it may be reused after constructing a single application. This is crucial since it boosts the speed of the development process and the code’s shareability.

4.2 Their Ability To Handle User Interactions And Other Moving Aspects

It is critical to use a combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Because HTML and CSS are excellent choices for static-page elements. However, in order to add movement to the web page, the developers must be able to code in JavaScript. As a result, the front end developer must be familiar with JavaScript, which aids in making websites more appealing.

Pop-ups, interactive maps, moving menus, video players, and other moving components can be used here. End users will be able to submit and receive requests, change some web page elements, and do a variety of other things.

4.3 Developing The App Layout


The proper positioning of the various pieces will be determined by a decent application layout. The end user will be able to see all elements properly as a result of this. Furthermore, the front end developer must be proficient in both HTML and CSS. Because HTML aids in the structure of a web page and CSS adds extra styles to the web page. As a result, whether you engage a freelance front end developer or not, they should be familiar with HTML and CSS.

4.4 Proficiency In App Scalability

Front end developers must regularly monitor their programs and app system. This aids in the enhancement, stability, and optimization of the application. Furthermore, it aids in determining whether or not there is a major flaw in the application.

As a result, whether you hire a freelance front end developer or a full-time front end developer, they should keep an eye on the code. Additionally, the scalability of an app will define its future potential and growth aspect. As a result, a developer skilled in this area will be a more realistic option.

4.5 Team Player

Mobile app development is always a collaborative effort, and the front end developer you choose must be a team member as well. To keep everyone on the same page, they should have excellent cooperation and communication abilities.

Everyone on the team will be aware of the project’s progress as a result of clear communication. As a result, they will be able to provide better input and contribute to the app’s success.

4.6 Skills For Experienced Front End Developer

A skilled front end developer requirements a well-versed in Test Driven Development (TDD). TDD programming necessitates an agile approach. As a result, before writing the code, the developers write the test. Furthermore, they should have soft skills such as a collaborative approach and strong teamwork abilities. In addition, their leadership abilities should be flawless.

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5. How Can You Evaluate A Good Front-End Developer?


A top-tier front-end developer is one that has been working (and growing) in the sector for a few years, has a good background in coding, testing, integration, graphic and UI/UX design, and has a solid background in UI/UX design.

With this in mind, here are some factors to consider while looking for freelance front-end engineers who will be a good fit not only for your project but also for your team and company.

5.1 Solid ‘Language’ Skills

Front-end developers must be proficient in three areas: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These three markup languages are the most fundamental and necessary.

JavaScript, in particular, is something a front-end developer candidate should be well-versed in because it is required to generate dynamic user interaction. JavaScript differs from HTML and CSS in that it is mostly used for front-end programming. Freelance front-end developers that know these talents like the back of their hands may make a significant contribution to a project and a company, particularly when it comes to designing a fantastic UX and user interface.

5.2 Has A Knack For Debugging And Fixing Errors

Top-tier front-end engineers cannot tolerate mediocrity; an app must be excellent, not simply “good enough.” As a result, they will always strive to improve the application’s quality by addressing bugs, conducting manual and automated tests, and checking the back-end integrations to ensure that they are carrying out the front-end functions appropriately.

Even if there are no defects or faults, front-end engineers will strive to improve the web application on a regular basis.

5.3 Knows The Importance Of UI/UX

Knows The-Importance-Of-UI-UX

A professional front-end developer and web developer will scrutinize not just the app’s functionality but also the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). They can create a beautiful UI with HTML/CSS/JavaScript while keeping the main purpose in mind: to make end-users appreciate a company’s product through the experience.

UI and UX are not solely the responsibility of front-end developers; they are the result of the joint efforts of several web development specialists. Having said that, it is advised that freelance front-end developers have a background in this because contributing to a team without knowing what the other members are working would be difficult.

5.4 Has ‘Soft’ Capabilities As Well


The importance of soft skills in programming does not need to be explained. The normal interviews and documents during the application process should already reveal a lot about the background of freelancing front-end developers, their years of experience, and whether they are skilled, driven, and have the correct attitude and devotion to a project. But there are additional things to check for that aren’t often written down.

  • Detail-Oriented

A dependable freelance front-end developer can see the large picture while not losing sight of the finer points of a project. They can focus on the various aspects of a project as well as how they are implemented if they pay close attention to detail.

The complexities and subtleties of a project will not be a problem for them; they will still be able to stay on top of things.

  • Constant learner

The world of front-end and web development is never static. There will always be new technology, updates, and tactics to discover and experiment with. Even if it is not essential for their job, good front-end developers will continue to improve and expand their skill sets as a pastime. A front-end web developer should have a strong desire to learn.

  • Creative

Because design is such an important aspect of the job, talented front-end engineers must also be creative. This allows them to work around, over, and under obstacles that may arise while designing a website or application. Creativity also aids in the discovery or creation of solutions; they would know what actions are necessary to solve a problem. Look for a knowledgeable web developer that will be able to work around, over, and under any obstacles that arise to maintain a smooth-running website. In addition to being able to find or create solutions, front-end developers should be able to choose the best path to pursue in order to solve a problem.

Another important component in determining whether a candidate for the front-end developer position is a good fit is to ask the correct questions. They should be able to understand difficult technical words, convey and describe ideas comprehensively, have substantial talents and experiences, and share their vision and goals.

A front-end developer should have considerable coding abilities and expertise in UI/UX design.

6. List Of Technologies A Front End Developer Must Know


In addition to their skill sets and responsibilities, you should double-check their technological prowess. Businesses must recognize that in order to produce a game-changing app, it must be technically sound. As a result, in order to hire front end developer, they must be familiar with the following technologies:

  • AJAX
  • Browser development tools
  • Different version control systems like Git
  • Different processors for CSS such as Sass and SCSS
  • Knowledge of testing or debugging in an IDE
  • Understanding of the module frameworks that streamline a large and complex application. Moreover, they should be aware of the module architecture of React, Vue, Angular, etc
  • Knowledge about jQuery or Backbone.
  • js
  • Deep understanding about module bundlers that assist in simplifying developer’s workflow. It includes Grunt, Gulp, Webpack, Browsify, etc.

Along with the aforementioned technologies, the tech prowess of front end developers is determined by their experience. As a result, if you want to hire front end developer, you should search for the following characteristics:

  • Linux
  • Apache
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • Node.js
  • Express
  • Mongodb
  • Angular.JS

7. How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Front-Developer In Vietnam?


Building and maintaining an in-house staff is costly. In the long term, the costs of acquiring talent, onboarding employers, investing in talent management software, paying office rent and electricity bills, and working with Top software outsourcing company a project basis are significantly greater.

Another effective strategy to cut development costs is to outsource React development to Vietnam. A junior front end developer in Vietnam earns between $12 and $18 per hour, therefore project development costs are fairly competitive in comparison to the rest of Southeast Asia. The hourly rates of Vietnam developers are, on average, twice as cheap as those of their peers. The average front end developer salary are so much cheaper than in other countries.

8. Where To Hire Front End Developers In Vietnam?

Hire a front end developer is the ideal alternative for businesses that want to spend as little money as possible. Because of the competition on freelance platforms, you will almost always be able to find a front-end developer who will execute the project for a reasonable fee.

As a result, if you need to finish a one-time, startup web development project, you should think about hiring a freelancer. Let’s have a look at the greatest freelancer hiring platforms:

9. What Are The Questions To Ask When You Want To Hire Front End Developers?


Do you know all of the interview questions for front end developers? Now that a corporation understands its business application requirements, it is time to select the best front-end developers. Here is a list of front end developer interview questions that firms can use to choose the best front-end developers:

  • What is your background in development? How many projects have you completed? What obligations did you have?

This will assist you in understanding an employee’s job experience and the breadth of their knowledge of front-end development.

  • What are your preferred development tools, and why are they your favorites? Which frameworks do you like to use? Do you have any tools that you dislike using, and if so, why?

These front end developer questions will provide you with information on the tools and technology that an employee may use while working on your project.

  • What are the most common front-end development blunders you see in app development projects? How would you approach these problems?

The answers to these interview questions for front end developer will help you determine how creative a front-end developer is in their work and how well they grasp front-end development practices.

  • What tools do you use to test code? Why have you chosen these particular ones?

Front-end development would be incomplete without code testing. An employee should not only know which tools to use, but they should also be able to justify their choice.

  • How do you hone your talents as a front-end developer?

This question demonstrates how motivated an employee is. Front-end developers who upgrade their abilities through reading books or attending courses will be the most invested in your development project.

  • Is it simpler for you to work alone or in a group, and why?

This will assist you in determining an employee’s sociability and communication skills. Working in a team is vital for software engineers since it allows them to solve problems faster and create fewer coding errors.

Why Hire Front End Developers With OutsourcingVN?

This is the solution if you want to hire front end developers for hire in Vietnam.  If you’re wondering whether hiring a front end developer is the appropriate fit for your company or not? Evaluate the timeline of your project, your available internal talents and resources, your budget, and the dangers associated with your line of work. Front end web developers can assist you in achieving product-market fit in record speed and with unrivaled results.

When you collaborate with Outsourcing Vietnam, you can tap into their front end developer skills and expertise to inject significant abilities into your software development project. Besides, we strive to build long-term business connections while assisting you in overcoming your most difficult software development difficulties. We provide a variety of choices for outsourcing software development services.

OutsourcingVN has more than 10 years of experience in offering high front end developer skills to SMEs and large corporations, assisting them in turning their visions into realities. Visit here for full information: Hire Dedicated Software Developers In Vietnam


Hiring dedicated front-end developers should now be a piece of cake for you. Awesome front-end developers will not only have high-quality talents, attitudes, and commitment, but they will also ensure that they obtain the necessary expertise in the area to successfully deliver the project, whether they work full-time or part-time. Front-end engineers who are passionate about their work radiate self-assurance. They are goal-oriented, concentrated, and quick on their feet. It is advantageous to have such front-end engineers on your team. They will assist in bringing in more customers and ensuring your company’s success in the business.

Contact Outsourcing Vietnam if you need assistance hiring front-end developers, a skilled web developer, or developing a technology project. We hope this post will help you have everything you need to know about a front end developer.

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