5 Ways by Which Technology Will Drive Recruitment in 2022

The year 2022 is ripe for automated solutions that ease business processes. As the world battles the COVID-19 pandemic, we see a raging need for solutions that are distant yet close, effective yet easy – and that’s where the core demand lies. 

For instance, a robust recruitment or talent acquisition effort is the backbone of a successful company. A recruitment strategy, plan and action have the potential to reveal the tenacity of a company and its people to function even when under extreme pressures or conditions.

We see that recruitment and its efforts have evolved, and as we try to gather our thoughts, here’s how technology is set to be the driving force for the new-age Recruitment Processing Outsourcing (RPO) effort.  

The dawn of humans, AI and Big Data


Machine learning can’t fix everything, yes we need humans to run certain processes. But what if Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data collaborated to improve and simplify your hiring process?

Not just this, we learn that key inferences and decisions can be derived through the collection of reliable data. It’s futile to have data to know that a plan or strategy is functioning effectively. Software-driven automated solutions in recruitment such as an Applicant Tracking System and a Recruitment CRM software can greatly influence your recruitment business lifecycle and outcomes.

Shorter lead times, better efficiency 

Tech-led solutions offer recruiters and human resource professionals the opportunity to opt for an end-to-end automation solution. They do not need to pursue a manual mode to screen candidates. Today, softwares are easily compatible with your search engines and sometimes even integrate with your LinkedIn account, allowing you to shortlist or hotlist talent pools of candidates you think would be suitable for the role. What’s awesome is that software can collect data from various LinkedIn pages for you, offering you information all in one place. This helps cut time in almost half, making up for an otherwise manual exploration.

Visual and intuitive

A tech-led solution also offers the user the luxury of viewing dashboards, and work pipelines in one sitting. This saves the recruiter time when navigating between activities.

For instance, a revenue, hiring and an active employee work pipeline will all be available with the help of a click. Also, tech software can connect directly to your website through an API, hence powering up your site to function and recruit with greater efficacy.

The power of mass E-mail blasts


The right kind of technology can help recruiters send out e-mail blasts all at one go. Whether it may be celebratory e-mails or simply just a company update of ‘comings and goings,’ tech just makes life easy. 

Reports and inference

For the most part, technology offers the opportunity to track your employees and their activities in real-time, making the entire ‘work from home’ concept a non-issue. This changes the dynamic for workspaces and overall work culture drastically.

Technology-driven platforms offer simple interfaces with essential numbers that allow decision-makers within the company track the health score of the amount of work being put in and the level of productivity and output of employees. In the long haul, it even offers the opportunity to study this data and draw further inferences, making it possible for crucial and systematic decision making.

Overall, we know that technology in recruiting is here to stay; and for the most part, will contribute to the development of multiple work ecosystems.

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