5 Steps To Outsource Mobile App Development In Vietnam

In recent years, the mobile application industry has reached new heights and it has a major impact on economic growth. Besides, mobile app usage increased by 75%. With the rapid development of the mobile application industry, there are many application development companies were established to build a mobile application. It can be said that choosing a reliable partner in mobile application development outsourcing contributes to 50% of your business’s success because it is the core team that makes your end product. If you are looking to outsource mobile app development in Vietnam, OutsourcingVN is the right choice for you. We’re here to help you hire talented mobile app developers in Vietnam who are highly dynamic, more than 3 years of experience in mobile app development, and have no language barriers. Please contact us then we can discuss more.

So, in this article, we will suggest 5 Steps To Outsource Mobile App Development In Vietnam. Let’s check out now.

5 Steps To Outsource Mobile App Development In Vietnam

1. Capacity and experience

The developer’s capacity and experience are 2 key factors in hiring a mobile app development company. An app developer needs to be able to develop apps for a particular platform or own tools or software that could provide better quality and insight into services.

You can find good developers coding and developing apps, but they better have some experience with the application you want to do. It is important that they are able to advise on the features needed for your application to provide the best customer experience.

There are two ways you can outsource mobile app development in Vietnam: hire freelancers or rely on a mobile app development outsourcing company to develop your app.

Besides, choosing a company that has experience in application development means that they have the ability to face and solve problems related to the application development process. This factor ensures that the mobile app development team can handle any complex situation and provide you with the best services.

2. Check the portfolio

Each mobile application development outsourcing company has a portfolio of application development projects undertaken by themselves. You should consider the mobile applications they create for your customers. This is one of the important factors that influence the decision to choose a company to outsource mobile app development.

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You can check the quality of the apps they have developed and see customer feedback. If their company has successfully developed the app, they will likely provide you with a similar quality app.

3. Customer feedback

As I said before, you can assess the expertise and quality of a mobile app development company through customer feedback. If their app developers create a high-quality application with many essential features and a good customer experience, they will get a lot of good feedback from their customers. Therefore, visit and see the reviews your partner customers have left.

Alternatively, you can contact their previous clients to see how they feel about your chosen partner such as quality of work, attitude, etc. You can ask them to share contact information for their previous customers. This is one of the best ways to know your partner’s qualifications. In addition, you can also go to review pages to see general customer reviews about that company.

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4. Data security

One of the concerns about outsourced mobile app development that many customers worry about is security.

Security concerns such as system data leakage, unsafe deployment, unsafe storage, and privacy breaches, and disclosure to competitors can negatively impact the reputation of your application. Therefore, choosing a reputable company is very important. In addition, you can ask them to sign a Non-disclosure agreement to ensure project confidentiality.

While many companies claim to offer secure application building processes and secure contracts, you should still ensure that your company chooses to understand the value of your data and take innovative actions to secure that data.

Furthermore, they must provide a layered security solution to secure your data from various mobile threats such as device and user authentication, malware bots, insufficient cryptography, SMS based attacks, etc.

5. Technical support and maintenance services

Last but not least, technical support and maintenance services are factors that you should consider when choosing an outsourcing mobile app development company. Because your applications will always need to be updated with new features in response to customer feedback. In addition, during use, your application also needs maintenance and error correction. Therefore, you should choose a reliable partner that provides appropriate support and maintenance services after launching successful application development. They will likely provide support and maintenance for a while and then charge a fee. You need to discuss with them the details to calculate the budget accordingly.


We understand outsourcing mobile app development can be a great solution for your business. However, it also comes with many risks. This can be considered as one of the challenges of businesses to choose a reliable partner before implementing the project. If you are looking for mobile application development outsourcing services in Vietnam, OutsourcingVN is always ready to provide you with services. OutsourcingVN is one such software company in Vietnam with over 12 years of experience. We have implemented many successful projects for partners from many countries around the world such as UK, USA, India, …

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